Anime Review

Zone Of The Enders: Idolo

Anime fans of a certain age may well remember the initial release of Sony’s Playstation 2 games console. I recall it vividly, particularly for the initially sparse roster of releases available…

• 12th August 2011
Anime Review

Pretear: #1 & #2

Himeno is a typical 16 year old girl; apart from the fact that she now lives in a huge mansion with her new step mum and 2 step sisters after her father suddenly remarries. She’s an outcast in…

• 11th December 2010

ADV films shuts down.

“A.D. Vision, the parent company of ADV Films, has announced that it is shutting down after transfering its assets to several other companies that will continue its operations. AEsir …

• 1st September 2009

New Anime Releases 08/06/09

New Releases for monday:

Buso Renkin: Complete Series Box Set RRP: £39.99

    Claymore #1 & #2    RRP: £19.99    

  Desert Punk #3 RRP: £15.99

  Disgaea: #1 RRP: £15.99        

  Mazinkaiser Complete…

• 5th June 2009

ADV USA rescue CPM titles

ADV USA rescues a few CPM titles. Darkside Blues, Grave of the Fireflies, Now and Then, Here and There, The World of Narue, and M.D. Geist are getting reissued by ADV Films in USA. Central Park Media…

• 3rd June 2009

London MCM Expo coverage

Revelation: No annoucements made.

ADV: Confirmed they will be present at the next expo, no other annoucements.

MVM: Announced taht they will keep their focus on anime, but now they will expand…

• 23rd May 2009

London MCM Expo 23-24 May 2009

Just reminder to everyone out there that one of the biggest Anime event of the year is upon us, London MCM Expo this weekend from Saturday 23 to Sunday 24.

A few of the Key Attraction:

All the top UK …

• 18th May 2009

New Anime Releases 11/05/2009

Releases for monday are:

Divergence Eve: Complete Collection – RRP £24.99

Gravion: Complete Collection – RRP£24.99

Cutie Honey (Live Action) – RRP £15.99

Slayers: Next…

• 8th May 2009

New Anime Releases 13/04/2009

This week’s releases are:

– Cromartie High School: Complete Collection – Eureka Seven: Box 1 – Mezzo Complete Collection – Mobile Suit Gundan – Seed …

• 12th April 2009

New anime releases 09/03/2009

Today’s anime releases are two Gainax shows released by ADV as box sets:

–Mahoromatic –Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

The Spiral Box set release has been pushed to the…

• 9th March 2009